WavEnergy Touchscreen

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Heaters with built-in time controller ‘touchscreen’ allow the heater to work on time. The controller in the form of the touch panel is placed in the front of the heater. P1 timer program enables to set a time heater from 15 till 120 minutes and then it turns off automatically. P2 timer program offers to set the time when the heater should be turned on and off. The times might be freely changed and switched. ‘Touchscreen’ heaters are ideal for bathrooms to ensure a pleasant warmth like during morning toilet or less used rooms, where is no need to maintain a constant, high temperature all the time.

МодельТипРазмеры ЦветМощность (w)
1500-60 TS600 x 1000white gloss550
2900-60 TS600 x1700white gloss960
3500-50 TS500 x1200white gloss550
4500-60 TS600 x1000white satin550
5900-60 TS600 x1700white satin960
6500-50 TS500 x1200white satin550